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Making the decision to plant a new tree, replace a tree, or move an existing tree is a significant investment in time and money. Trees add beauty, function, and value to residential and commercial properties. So it is especially critical that the species selected must be compatible with the intended location. Our certified arborists will recommend the correct types of trees for the location you have chosen, or recommend the best spot for the tree that you have always wanted. Our professionals are the best at locating, relocating, maintaining, and preserving all of the botanical components of your landscaping.

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Arbor Source offers reliable and professional tree planting services in St Petersburg, Clearwater, Largo, and surrounding areas. Need help deciding where to plant your tree or which species to plant? Arbor Source can provide you with knowledgeable information to help you make the best decisions possible for your landscape. We understand how much your landscape means to you, which is why we guarantee minimal property disturbance.

Many factors are considered when planting or relocating trees. Our Tampa Bay tree care experts will recommend the perfect location, prepare the soil, and implement proper planting techniques and follow-up care to ensure that your tree thrives. As ISA-certified arborists, Arbor Source is a Clearwater tree planting business that you can be sure will provide you with outstanding customer service. We provide the proper tools and heavy equipment, courteous workers, and fair pricing as well as personal injury liability coverage and fully insured property damage.

Benefits of Tree Care

Our sustainable tree care services will immediately improve the quality of your property and enhance its curbside appeal. With the tree care services from Arbor Source, you will be happy with the way your property looks, which can make a world of difference when having guests to your residential home, or for people visiting your commercial property. Tree planting in St Pete, Seminole, or Pinellas Park is a great way to enhance the appearance of your property — be it residential or commercial/HOA property.

Whether you are interested in planting one or more new trees or removing an old tree, we are qualified to help! Call us today to speak to a certified arborist. We gladly serve the areas of St Petersburg, Clearwater, Largo and surrounding areas. At Arbor Source, we know the importance of the appearance of your landscape and its maintenance. Let us prove it.

Because of our years of experience with tree care in the Tampa Bay area, Arbor Source is able to offer you the most informed and reliable options for your particular circumstances. Whether you need to plant a new tree or relocate others, tree planting in St Pete will be easier and more efficient with our professional staff. We know the right areas to plant certain trees and the best methods to properly care for them.

Don’t Wait Any Longer

When you plant a tree, consider it a lifelong investment. You want to make sure that it is done properly and under the best possible circumstances. Arbor Source is a dedicated and experienced tree service company that guarantees complete customer satisfaction.

Proper tree care is essential if you want your plants to flourish — Arbor Source provides a wide array of tree care services to make sure that the health of your landscape is tiptop! We offer tree planting services in St Petersburg, Clearwater, Largo, and surrounding areas; our other services include debris removal, tree cabling and bracing, stump grinding, tree removal, and much more.